All the ships you can pilot and their classes in Star Wars: Squadrons

Fly your favorite Star Wars starfighter.


When Star Wars: Squadrons first launches on Oct. 2, all players will be able to choose from eight different starfighters, across the two factions, the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. There are four on each side that play unique roles. You have the fighter, bomber, interceptor, and the support starfighter. The available ships play a pivotal role in combat, and with matches containing five-on-five battles, you will be able to work with your team to create a unique squadron to take into battle.

The Fighter

When you don’t know exactly know how to round out your team, the fighter class is an ideal option for your team’s playstyle. The fighter option will operate as the median starfighter option, giving you a choice to hunt down enemy players or to bomb enemy objectives to score points. You can change how your fighter works based on the components you give it, further specializing your choice. The Galactic Empire has the Tie Fighter, and the New Republic has the X-wing.

The Bomber


For players who solely want to focus on attacking enemy objectives, the bomber’s massive firepower makes it an ideal choice. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for it with a solid defense, making the starfighter a difficult target to take down. These slow-moving starfighters will be prime targets for both sides. You will want to protect ally bomber starfighters consistently to ensure they can do the most damage to enemy objectives. The Galactic Empire has the Tie Bomber, and the New Republic has the Y-wing.

The Interceptor


For those who want to engage in the hottest dogfighters available in Star Wars: Squadrons, you want to go with an interceptor starfighter. These ships are incredibly powerful in space and contain the perfect combination of agility and firepower to take down enemy starfighters. While agile, they lack a great deal of armor, so you will want to remain mobile during fights, striking when you are capable. The Galactic Empire has the Tie Interceptor, and the New Republic has the A-wing.

The Support

The final available starfighter role in Star Wars: Squadrons is the support ship. It may not have the same speed as an interceptor, the same firepower as the bomber or fighter classes. Still, it has a pivotal role in assisting allies with resupplying their ships or creating opportunities for other pilots to take advantage of during a battle. You will be able to disrupt an enemy starfighter’s shields or rearm your allies with additional resources to keep them in the fight longer. The Galactic Empire has the Tie Reaper, and the New Republic has the U-wing.