What time is the Warframe update today?


Image via Digital Extremes

It is Warframe update day. Today, we will be getting Nidus Prime, assorted new Prime Weapons, some changes to Yareli, and the return of Operation: Plague Star. This makes it a busy day for Warframe players, and they are curious as to when the update will release.

Unfortunately, there is no set time for the new Warframe update, and we will just need to wait for it to drop. Now, we can take a look at some of the patterns that have been established over the years. Warframe updates will often drop between 12:00 CT and 14:00 CT. While it is not guaranteed, this has certainly been the most likely window for the release of most of Warframe’s new content.

That said, the updates can often arrive a bit later, or much later, depending on how smoothly things go for the team. If things are reasonable bug-free, then that above window is a good bet. If the build is throwing out errors and issues, then the devs will be hard at work trying to get them all sorted before releasing it.

Warframe director, Steve Sinclair, can also spend the run up to release streaming on Twitch. In these streams, he will break down the new content and what exactly players can expect from it all. It’s a good idea to follow him on Twitter to see his tweets about updates and when they will be happening.