What to do at Kumada Clinic in Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir

The doctor is in.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The investigation in The Missing Heir will bring players to the Kumada Clinic near the home of the Ayashiros. This is where Kiku’s doctor works, and players will need to question him about the cause of death.

Upon arrival, players find a fairly rundown clinic. They can speak with Dr Kumada, and ask him questions about the following subjects:

  • Ayashiro Family
  • About Kiku
  • Will
  • What they know

The doctor doesn’t know a huge amount, but he is convinced that Kiku died from heart failure. He also thinks it was just a coincidence that she died that same day she sorted out her will, although he admits it is a little odd. After asking him about all four options, players will need to asked him about the Ayashiro family again.

He will point out that Azusa Kasuga, Kiku’s niece, is actually in the clinic with a sore throat. Hit the Call/Engage option, then select Azusa. Ash her about the Ayashiro family and then make sure you check your notebook and read the yellow entries.

Run through all her dialogue options and she will get angry at you for making her talk so much, but she won’t give you much extra information. After that, you can travel to the Kagura Temple where Kiku’s body is buried.