What to do when speaking with Akane in Kiku’s bedroom in Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir

A little bit nervous.

Upon returning to the Ayashiro Residence from the train station, players will be able to speak with Akane, the maid who discovered Kiku’s body. They will be able to ask her about the following subjects:

  • About Kiku
  • About Akane
  • About Zenzou
  • What they know

After running through all the options, a new one will appeared called “About Akira”, where they can ask about one of the other NPCs that was revealed to have been at the house the night that Kiku died. Ask Akane this option, the select Call/Engage, and ask Zensou about Akira as well.

The phone will ring and Zenzou will need to answer it. Speak with Akane again, but this time select the Look/Examine option. Just to Akane’s right, on the floor, is a burnt patch of matting. Click on this and Akane will act surprised right as Zenzou returns.

It turns out that Zenzou was speaking with your fellow detectives and you must return to the office straight away. Before you leave, ask Zenzou about the burn mark, the Call/Engage Akane and ask her about it also. She will appear shaken, but doesn’t have anything to say about the burn mark, so you can return to the office.