What to do at the Ayashiro Residence in Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir

Finding witnesses.

Image via Nintendo

In your early investigation sin Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir, you will need to travel to the Ayashiro Residence to find out if you have ever been there before. You are sadly suffering from amnesia, and need something to help prod your memories in the right direction.

This is, unfortunately, where the game can get a little bit ambiguous about what it wants you to do, so we through a step by step guide would be helpful to avoid any menu issues.

When they arrive at the house, players will end up speaking with the Butler who recognizes them. Further conversation with the Butler reveals that it was they who hired the protagonist to investigate what they see as a suspicious death in the Ayashiro family.

Select the following dialogue options:

  • Talk – Butlers request
  • Talk – About Kiku
  • Remember
  • Talk – Will
  • Talk – Relatives
  • Hit the + button, then select Look at Notepad

This is important, as players need to read ALL the pages of notes about Kiku and her three family members Kani Ayashiro, Jiro Ayashiro, and Azusa Kasuga. Only after they have read every page of the notes will the next appropriate option appear.

After that, players will need to go into Talk and select Relatives again to progress this section. Once again, read the notes about Azusa Kasuga and then go back and select Talk and Relatives again.