What to do when speaking with Kanji and Zenzou in the Living Room in Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir

Finding some privacy.

Image via Nintendo

After returning to The Ayashiro Residence at the start of Chapter 2, players will discover the Kanji is now available to speak to. You can got travel to the Living Room to speak to him and Zenzou.

Kanji will have the following dilaogue options available at the start of the conversation:

  • About Kiku
  • Will
  • About Akira
  • About Jiro
  • About Azusa
  • What they Know

When asking about the will, players will discover that all the rights as chairwoman went to a character called Yuri Ayashiro. Half of all assets go to Yuri, with the rest being split between Kanji, Jiro, and Azusa.

Two new dialogue choices will appear, “About Yuri” and “Symbol”. Speak with Kanji about both. Yuri is the titular missing heir, and the symbol is a bit of a mystery at this point in the story. Use the Call/Engage option to speak with Zenzou, then ask about Yuri and the Symbol.

Make sure you read all the notes that pop up in your notepad and ask both Zenzou and Kanji every question in their dialogue options at least once. When that is done, select the Look/Examine option and look at Zenzou. The main character will mention that he thinks Zenzou wants to speak to them in private.

You will get a new Travel option to go to Kiku’s bedroom where you can speak to Zenzou in private.