What to do if Crucible uninstalls itself from Steam

Is Steam showing your Crucible is no longer installed?

Image via Amazon Games

Crucible is available now to download on Steam. The free-to-play team-based shooter comes from Amazon Games and is the companies first step into the video game industry. While the game can be installed on Steam at no charge, a couple of us here at Gamepur have noticed the game tends to uninstall itself randomly. Here is what to do if this happens to you.

How to fix if Crucible uninstalls itself from Steam issue

Crucible is 12.9 GB in size, not too big of an install, but still annoying if you waited for it to begin playing. We are not too sure what causes this. In one case, the game uninstalled after crashing when trying to launch the tutorial. In the other case, it happened before we had a chance to start a game up for the first time.

You will know this bug has happened to you when you either click the Crucible shortcut or go to it in your Steam library, and it is motioning for you to install the game again. At this point, shut down Steam and restart it to see if that fixes the problem (in our case it did not).

We were able to get the game going again right away in both of our cases of Crucible uninstalling itself. While Steam and your PC show it to not be there anymore, the game files are still there. Click install to set up the usual install process. Do not worry, it will not install a second version of the game on your PC. When it runs this initialization, it will find the files and let you right back into the game.