What to do if your update is stuck on preparing for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Get your stuck on preparing update unstuck.

Seasonn 7 Ascension

Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension is live, everyone wants to jump into the game, but for some players, the hardest part of Apex Legends on PC is getting the download to work. Several players have been stuck on preparing at 6%, 13%, or another low percentage. If you are experiencing this, here are the best way to fix it and get your game download ready.

Using Task Manager

The first thing you can do is figure out if you have any compete programs or background tasks running. Open the Task Manager via Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then sort Processes by “Memory.” Origin or Steam should take up the most memory, but if anything else is coming close to that or higher, that isn’t a vital process, right-click on it and end the task. You should not have Origin and Steam downloading simultaneously and do not have a web browser open during download. While in Task Manager, do not set priority to your launcher; in some cases changing the hierarchy will just make it slower.

Do not reset or quit out

For some PC, preparing and allocating space takes time. Whatever you do, don’t close out if you no longer see it moving. If you only have the downloader open, and you give it more time. A lot of the time, it will eventually move. Once the preparation gets to 39%, it should start patching and moving a lot faster, slow around 50%-60%, and then speed up again. Once that finishes, your download will begin, which you can freely pause and resume.

The download from there should be steady and will finalize and then be playable.