What to do when you can’t see a friend’s summon sign in Elden Ring – Missing summon sign fix

By the power of friendship.

Elden Ring Mausoleum Remembrance

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Summoning a friend to help take on Elden Ring’s challenges is both a great way to enjoy the game and an effective way to mitigate its toughest challenges. If you’re having trouble seeing your friend’s summon sign, don’t fret. Elden Ring’s online is more than a little janky, and the mechanics involved aren’t super straightforward.

Here are several potential fixes to ensure you can see your friend’s summon sign so you can play Elden Ring together.

Summon Sign Fix #1: Use a multiplayer password

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Whenever you use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy without a multiplayer password, the game checks for any summon signs in the area. If you’re next to a boss door or a Site of Grace looking to pair up with a friend, but you aren’t using a password, you may not see theirs in lieu of other players putting signs down. Open the Start menu, navigate the Multiplayer section, and press Y or Triangle to open the password section. Enter a password and share it with your friend. When you use the Remedy again, theirs should be the only one you can see.

Summon Sign Fix #2: Refresh Your Furlcalling Finger Remedy

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re using a password and still can’t see your friend’s summon sign, try refreshing the connection by canceling the search and starting it again. Select the active (glowing) Furlacalling Finger Remedy again and when the game asks if you want to cancel, say Yes. Use the item one more time to have the game search. You might need to do this a few times.

Summon Sign Fix #3: Restart Elden Ring and/or Steam

Elden Ring’s online can be particularly finicky, so sometimes it takes shutting the game down entirely to refresh connections. If that doesn’t give any joy, try restarting Steam itself.

Summon Sign Fix #4: Check Network Status and Anti-Virus

The problem with connecting to your friend might not be Elden Ring’s fault but rather an issue with your or your friend’s network. As with any multiplayer game, your connection to the servers and any anti-virus software can get in the way of connecting to other players. Ensure your and your friend’s internet is stable, and add Elden Ring as an exception to your firewall. You can also check to see if the Steam servers are down, which will keep you from connecting.