What to do with Candy Canes in Dark and Darker

A unique type of currency you can find while exploring Dark and Darker.

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There are multiple items you can use as you explore the dungeons in Dark and Darker. For those lucky enough to escape with your valuable loot, one of the more unorthodox items you can find from defeating enemy NPCs or players are Candy Canes. Many community members are wary about what to do with these items or are unclear if they should horde them or sell any they collect. Here’s what you need to know about to do with Candy Canes in Dark and Darker.

Should you sell or keep Candy Canes in Dark and Darker?

Our best recommendation for any player who successfully escapes a Dark and Darker dungeon and has the chance to sell their loot to the various merchants is to sell the Candy Canes. You can choose to sell them for gold to the merchants or go to the Nicholas merchant to purchase any of the powerful items he has for sale using the Candy Canes. Nicholas only accepts Candy Canes in their current exchange, as you might imagine, because the Nicholas merchant in Dark and Darker represents Santa Claus.

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Sitting on this currency is not the best idea. It’s far better to use it and give it to the market to build up your characters than attempt to horde it. The more items you have on your characters and in your stash, the better runs you can expect to adventure into as you continue to play Dark and Darker.

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Because the Candy Canes feel like a seasonal holiday item, it’s possible that in future Play Tests, and the final build for Dark and Darker, these items will not appear again, preventing you from spending them, and then you have a wasteful currency sitting on your character when you could reserve that space for precious items and equipment.