How to extract from a Dark and Darker dungeon

Get out with your loot.

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Dark and Darker is an FPS dungeon adventure where you’ll be battling against multiple NPC enemies and several human players are running around these dungeons also trying to survive. Your primary goal is to grab as much equipment as possible from your dungeon, exit the game to sell it to the various traders back at the tavern, and get money to improve your character. To bring anything back with you requires you to extract from the dungeon. Here’s what you need to know about how to extract from a Dark and Darker dungeon.

How to escape dungeons in Dark and Darker

The only way to escape a dungeon in Dark and Darker is to extract using a portal. The portals will appear closer to the end of a dungeon as you reach the center of the map. There are also going to be more dangerous creatures awaiting you here, and you shouldn’t be surprised to encounter one or two parties of people working together to cleave through anything they find as they attempt to leave the game.

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The portals are represented by these tombstone-like slabs that appear. When they show up on the map, you have the find and secure them before you can leave. There will be one-person portals and three-person portals. For those playing with a team, you need to make sure to find and secure the three-person portals, so everyone you’re playing with can escape. When the portals appear and are protected by your team, you can choose to continue adventuring to grab more loot before you leave. However, these can be stolen by other players who also play the game.

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You have to find the right balance between wanting to secure enough loot to make some money at the end of an adventure and making sure you can still escape before the Dark Swarm closes in on your position.