What to do with the Sewing Needle in Elden Ring

Return it to the rightful owner.

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The Sewing Needle is a key item you can acquire in Elden Ring. It will drop from the Demi-Human Chiefs that you defeat in the Coastal Cave to the west of your initial starting point at The First Step site of grace. While you find another useful item at this location, the Tailoring Tools, the Sewing Needle is not for you. In this guide, we cover what you have to do with the Sewing Needle in Elden Ring.

The Sewing Needle belongs to Boc, another Demi-Human in that close location. You’ll need to return the item to them as they are the rightful owner. First, you have to find Boc. You can locate them near the Agheel Lake North site of grace, which is to the northeast of the Church of Elleh. Then, you’ll have to find Boc hidden in the trees. His position will be an illusion, so follow the sound of his voice. When you find the correct tree, attack it, and speak with Boc.

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After speaking with him, rest at a site of grace, and then make your way to the Coastal Cave, and you’ll find him again at the site of grace. If you’ve already defeated the Demi-Human Chiefs, you can give him the Sewing Needle. If you haven’t, you’ll need to take out the Demi-Human Chiefs and rightfully return his Sewing Needle.