What to expect in My Time at Sandrock, new NPCs and more

There’s a lot to look forward to.

Image via Pathea Games.

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My Time at Sandrock has recently announced its early access release. The adventure and roleplaying sequel to the game My Time at Portia has been in the works for a while, and fans have anticipated its release for sometime this year. In a Steam post, the Devs have announced an update detailing a preview for the game, hinting at what players can expect.


A multiplayer mode has been confirmed. Open in the Alpha test to the Kickstarter Beta players who pledged for the Multiplayer Early Access Pack and up; players will be able to play through the game with their friends. Devs have stated that the multiplayer storyline will differ from the current single-player storyline. In the multiplayer mode, you’ll see the storyline compressed into chronicle format detailing the events before the player arrives in Sandrock. Players will also be able to meet some of the characters in their younger versions and new citizens that aren’t in the single-player version

Single Player and Workshop Updates

With a new region and city comes a unique array of NPCs. Each of these NPCs are promised to have their own stories and personalities.

The Workshop aspect of My Time at Portia played a prominent role in the game. In My Time at Sandrock, devs have stated that your Workshop will be far more customizable than in the original game. Features that can be updated include hanging lights, customizing roofs, windows, and even the doors. While the exact amount of customization is not yet clear, it seems as if there are far more options for players to combine.


Monsters have always been a great source of entertaining combat, and a means to collect various crating materials. However, with the new region of Sandrock, players can expect to encounter all sorts of new creatures running around, some far less friendly than others.

The Devs introduced two new monsters:

  • Rockyenaroll
  • Thorny Jumper

Additional Extras

New mini-games will also be introduced for players looking to take a break from battling and crafting. For example, in Catori’s game center, you’ll be able to play the game Space Pilferers, where you’ll have to control a mechanical arm to grab various moving bags.

Players using controllers will be able to customize their button assignments.