What Was Did in the Shadows case guide – Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Vampires don’t kill people, reporter’s do.

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A possible vampire is roaming the streets of Cordona, and it is your job to investigate. Two people were found dead near an open grave at the cemetery with bite marks on their necks. Could this be something supernatural at work? It’s time to find out. Luckily, Sherlock is on the case.

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After retrieving this case from the case board at the Cordona Police Station:

  • Travel back to the cemetery that houses Sherlock’s mother’s grave.
  • Check the map above if you need help with the location.
  • Once you arrive at the cemetery, follow the road on the right until you reach a gate.
  • Go through the gate and follow the path to find the open grave.

It is time to search for clues. 

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There are a total of five clue areas to discover. Four of them are marked, while one of them is in the back by the mausoleum. Be sure to follow the path past the open grave to find it.

  • A hat and blood-splattered stone near the police barriers.
  • A bottle of clear liquid, a crumpled note, and a missing piece of surgical equipment next to the open grave.
  • An expensive hat and a torn piece of fabric near a spotlight.
  • A bent shovel and some blood near the third clue.
  • A bottle of alcohol, a roasted rat, and some mushrooms at the back of the cemetery by a mausoleum.
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Once you have the bottle of clear liquid in your inventory, perform a chemical analysis on it. After performing the chemical analysis, you will learn that the liquid is Formalin, a chemical used for embalming corpses.

Now that you have all the evidence, it is time to reconstruct the events. Follow the list of events, so you are sure you have them in the correct order.

  • The brother holding the basket goes in the location nearest the gate.
  • The reporter should be chosen where the first victim fell against the rock.
  • The anatomist holding the bottle is placed next to the gravedigger.
  • The reporter is placed where the surgical equipment is.
  • The brother with the shovel should be placed near the spotlight.
  • The reporter should be placed by the second victim who was killed with the shovel.

When you have the figures in the correct order, validate them, and a cutscene will play that shows how the murders played out.

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After the cutscene, return to the police station to collect your reward for another case solved.