What will be in Monster Hunter Rise’s Free April Update?

New monsters and more content are coming to the game very soon.

Image via Capcom

Even though Monster Hunter Rise won’t be released until March 26, Capcom has already confirmed the game’s first major title update for April. Much like their post-launch support for Monster Hunter World, Rise will be getting plenty of new content after its release, ranging from new monsters to new features.

This first content update was teased during today’s Monster Hunter Digital Event, and while there are still plenty of details left for us to learn about this update, we did get some idea of what we can expect from it when it launches in late-April. 

The return of Chameleos

The biggest news that came from the teaser was the reveal of Chameleos as part of the April content release. First seen as far back as Monster Hunter 2 in 2006, Chameleos was absent from Monster Hunter World, much to the fans’ disappointment.

Image via Capcom

But Capcom is making up for that by bringing the sneaky creature back for its next installment. And from the looks of it, it will still maintain its frantic, erratic behavior in a fight while using its horn and tail to turn itself invisible.

There is no word on what kinds of quests or hunts will have Chameleos in it once the content drops, but we are sure that there will be plenty of gear to craft with the monster’s materials.

Unlocked HR cap

At the end of the tease, we are given a very small roadmap of sorts, which in addition to confirming Chameleos in the DLC, also mentions that the Hunter Rank cap for the game will be unlocked.

Image via Capcom

For those unaware, Hunter Rank is the equivalent to your character’s level in the Monster Hunter games. As you complete hunts and activities, your rank will increase. In previous titles, HR was capped at a certain rank until you reached a specific milestone, which we assume this update will be that first milestone. After the update drops, you can continue ranking up your hunter to the next cap.

New Monsters

The final piece of information we know about this update is that there will be more monsters than Chameleos added to the game in April. Unfortunately, that’s all we know; we have no details or specifics about what monsters they could be. It could be brand new monsters, fan-favorites from previous games, or a mix of both.

As more information about this update is released, we will update this guide.