What will KOTOR 2’s Restored Content DLC add? Answered

The galaxy expands.

Image via Aspyr

It’s been 18 years since Knights of the Old Republic 2’s original release, and now the beloved Star Wars RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch. Even better, it’ll launch with a batch of restored content that was cut from the original game. Its release date is June 8, and players will be able to experience the cut content that Wednesday.

Technically, they have been able to enjoy it already, as The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM) was created by fans just a few years after the original game’s release. Publisher Aspyr actually endorsed this fan mod, which is why it’s being officially added to the game with the Switch release. Here’s a summary of what it includes, as detailed in a forum post by one of the creators.

Ebon Hawk

Most of the restored content TSLRCM involves additional dialogue, and that’s especially important when it comes to your crew. Additional questions, answers, and jokes with those folks can be enjoyed. New events around these characters also take place, including sparring with Visas and a band of HKs attacking the ship. The latter is very important for the other big part of TSLRCM.

Telos IV

This is the biggie: Telos IV is a mining planet and home to the HK factory, where party member/assassin droid HK-47 was first manufactured. KOTOR 2 was originally going to have a quest in which the crew and HK-47 revisit the factory, but it was cut. Now it’s back. HK is a beloved character, so getting to explore his origins more deeply is great for fans.

Other Planets

As stated, the majority of restorations in TSLRCM involve dialogue. Scenes on the planets Dantooine, Dxun, Korriban, Malachor V, Nar Shadda, and Onderon, as well as the Ravager ship, will include more narrative content. They will also play out as originally intended, with more apparent repercussions from your decisions. This also builds to a more cohesive ending overall. Its rushed feeling was a big complaint around the original game.