What’s in the May 2020 Gold Pass in Clash of Clans?

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Clash of Clans

Screengrab via Supercell

A new month brings a new Gold Pass for Clash of Clans players. This $4.99 add-on is akin to a season pass for the game, giving players several benefits that will be an essential purchase for any player that’s serious about their game.

The benefits for the pass include a Season Bank that accumulates Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir as you participate in multiplayer battles. Also, boosts to reduce researching time to upgrade troops, training time, and reduction in resource costs for army queues, and building time and cost reductions. Lots of magic items that are very useful for your village can also be earned by completing the challenges, with a free tier for those who don’t want to purchase the pass offering plenty of resources to help you.

This month’s free tier also includes an anniversary fountain to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the game’s release. It acts as a decoration in your home village.

The bonus for completing the pass this month includes a new skin for the Barbarian King. Following the themed Clashy Constructs set from last month’s Clockwork Warden, the Clockwork King swings his sword by fully rotating his arm in his socket while also waddling around the map. Pretty cool, right?

Here are all of the rewards that you can earn in the Gold Pass for May 2020 in Clash of Clans.

Challenge PointsFree PassGold Pass
401 Gem Donations
80Anniversary Fountain Decoration10% Research Boost (reduces Laboratory research time by 10%)
12010% Training Boost (reduces training time by 10%)
160500,000 Builder Gold10% Builder Boost (reduces building time by 10%)
200Book of Building
260500,000 Builder ElixirBigger Season Bank (increases to 10m Gold & Elixir, 100k Dark Elixir)
320Book of Fighting
380Hero PotionShovel of Obstacles
440Book of Spells
500Power PotionPower Potion
580Hero Potion
660Research Potion6 x Wall Ring
740Bigger Season Bank (increases to 15m Gold & Elixir, 150k Dark Elixir)
820600,000 Gold15% Research Boost (increased from 10%)
90015% Training Boost (increased from 10%)
980600,000 Elixir15% Builder Boost (increased from 10%)
1060Clock Tower Potion
11406,000  Dark ElixirResearch Potion
12202 x Training Potion
13001,000,000 Builder GoldBuilder Potion
14006 x Wall Ring
15001,000,000 Builder ElixirBigger Season Bank (increases to 20m Gold & Elixir, 200k Dark Elixir)
160020% Research Boost (increased from 15%)
17001,200,000 Gold20% Training Boost (increased from 15%)
185020% Builder Boost (increased from 15%)
20001,200,000 ElixirRune of Gold
2150Rune of Elixir
230012,000 Dark ElixirRune of Dark Elixir
2450Bigger Season Bank (increases to 25m Gold & Elixir, 250k Dark Elixir)
2600Book of HeroesUnlocks the Clockwork King Skin