How and when to use an Ultimate Accelerant in Apex Legends

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Looting is half the battle in Apex Legends, but not every item has players rushing to pick it up off of the ground. One of the most underutilized items in the game is the Ultimate Accelerant. Some players may say it’s useless, but there are quite a few ways to take good advantage of them. Let’s first take a look at how the Ultimate Accelerants work and then delve into the best timing and strategies for using them.

How to use an Ultimate Accelerant

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Screengrab via Respawn

If you find an Ultimate Accelerant, there are two ways to use it once you pick it up. One is the traditional way of opening up the inventory menu and clicking on the Ultimate Accelerant. The second way was added in January and is much easier. All you need to do is press your Ultimate key/button while your ultimate isn’t charged, and you will take out the Ultimate Accelerant and use it.

Using an Ultimate Accelerant takes 7 seconds, so you should be in a safe location when you use it. After the time is up, your Ultimate charge meter will go up by 35% (or 20% if you are playing Loba). You cannot go above 100%.

When to use an Ultimate Accelerant

In general, the two best times to use an Ultimate Accelerant are either when you’ve just used your ultimate or when you are roughly 35-40% away from your ultimate to get it then and there. If you are at 85% or above, you should, in most cases, wait until you have used your ultimate to use the Ultimate Accelerant. Anytime under 65% is also a fine time to use it, specifically if you are playing Lifeline.

Lifeline is the best character to use Ultimate Accelerants because her ultimate takes longer to charge than all of the others. Without Ultimate Accelerants, her ultimate takes 6 minutes to charge. If you have a lifeline on your team, it is best to ping the Ultimate Accelerants for her rather than taking them for yourself.

Ultimate Accelerants do not stack, so it’s not generally a good idea to hoard them unless you have a lot of extra inventory space. Hanging on to one is okay, but after that, it’s best to use them as you get them.