When are Blastoise and Gardevoir coming to Pokémon Unite?

The two have been absent from the initial launch.

Image via Pokémon Unite YouTube

There are numerous Pokémon you can pick to use in Pokémon Unite. Each of them has a different fighting style and can bring a different aspect to a well-rounded team. With only a handful available in Pokémon Unite, there are plenty more on the way. During the launch trailers, fans could pick out that Blastoise and Gardevoir were being used during a match, but these two did not appear at launch. When are Blastoise and Gardevoir coming to Pokémon Unite?

At the time of this writing, it doesn’t look like Blastoise has a set release date. However, Gardevoir has been confirmed to arrive on July 28. The details were shared in a brief trailer on the Pokémon Unite twitter page, where the developers showed off Gardevoir in combat during a short trailer.

With Gardevoir already releasing a week after Pokémon Unite is released, we imagine Blastoise can’t be far behind. We initially imagined that it would be closer to the mobile release date in September, but we’re happy to say our prediction was quite wrong.

Blastoise has been confirmed to be arriving in Pokémon Unite on September 1. Players can expect it to release right before the game comes to mobile devices in September.

The current roster in Pokémon Unite features 20 unique choices.