When did Marvel Snap come out? Answered

You can play the game on your mobile devices right now.

Image via Marvel Entertainment

The card-based mobile game, Marvel Snap, is now available to download on your preferred mobile devices. The game’s announcement made a big splash back in May, but the game’s launch caught a lot of fans off guard. Marvel Snap has already proven to be a big hit for fans of Marvel’s superheroes, featuring artwork and alternate designs of the world’s most popular heroes. With its sudden appearance, many players wonder when the game was released and why so many people waited so long to play it.

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When did Marvel Snap launch on mobile devices?

Screenshot via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Marvel Snap launched on mobile devices on October 18 and is free to play. The title was announced in May by Marvel and is developed by studio Second Dinner and published by Nuverse. The game takes inspiration from Hearthstone, the collectible card game based on the characters and settings from World of Warcraft. Marvel Snap requires players to build up their decks and collect cards based on their favorite Marvel superhero or supervillain. All the artwork in the game comes directly from the comics or is made specifically for the title, with most of the original illustrations done by comic book artists.

Will Marvel Snap launch on PC?

Screenshot via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

When Marvel Snap was announced, the developers claimed it will arrive on PC via Steam. Early access for Marvel Snap on Steam launched the same day as the game’s release on mobile devices, October 18. However, unlike the version of the game on mobile devices, the full version of Marvel Snap is not available on PC at the time of this writing. Steam lists the full version of the game as releasing on PC sometime in mid-2023.

When Marvel Snap fully launches on PC, the game plans to support a new UI experience developed specifically for PC. The new implementations include a fullscreen landscape display for the game to fit players’ monitors. The PC version of the game will be supported by new updates and content at the same cadence as the mobile version of the title.