When does a new day start and reset in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Time to start all over again.

Animal Crossing

Sometimes you want to skip a day or rush through a day to unlock an important building or resource on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and that’s all well and good!

Sometimes when you have got all the fossils or done everything you need to do, moving forward in time or rather, knowing when to log into the game again to do the process all over again is a very fulfilling thing.

So when exactly does a new day officially start in-game for you to do that?

For those unaware, a new day doesn’t mean when the clock goes 0:00. Its when the morning announcement is made and new fossils, etc., spawn.

For those wanting to time travel or just want to know the best time to boot up their game, your island technically “resets” daily, as in starts a new day, at 5:00 am.

This is when the new morning announcement will happen, and any upgrades or buildings under construction will be complete.