When is Pokémon GO’s Buddy Adventure Update Releasing?

Pokemon Go Update 169

Update: The new Buddy Adventure has been rolled out!

Buddy Adventure in Pokémon GO will add more depth to the game’s buddy Pokémon system. At the moment, you can assign a buddy, and they will earn Candy while you walk. The new Buddy Adventure systems will change this in many ways. A recent post on the Pokemon Go Live website said that “the Buddy Adventure feature set will roll out to Trainers around the world by 2020.”

While this doesn’t give us an exact date, it certainly implies that the feature will be live in the game before the end of this year. Buddy Adventure will allow you to level up your buddy, opening up new perks and features.

  • Good Buddy: Your buddy can join you on your map view. You’ll also see how your buddy feels on the buddy profile page.
  • Great Buddy: Your buddy may help you out in Pokémon encounters, making it easier to catch Pokémon. It can also bring you items that can help you in your Pokémon GO journey.
  • Ultra Buddy: Your buddy will help you explore the world around you by letting you know about interesting places nearby! Your buddy will also bring you Souvenirs, which you can keep track of on the buddy profile page.
  • Best Buddy: Become Best Buddies, and your buddy will sport a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off to everyone just how close you two are! Pokémon that you’re Best Buddies with can get a CP boost in combat as long as they’re still assigned as your Buddy Pokémon.

To increase your buddy level, you need to earn affection. Affection is measured in hearts and can be seen on the new Buddy Profile Page. Hearts can be acquired by exploring the map with your buddy, battling with them, playing with them in the AR+ mode, and feeding them. You can even earn Hearts by taking photos of your buddy.

We will update this guide as soon as Niantic reveal the exact release date of the Buddy Adventure update.