Cube World Release Date – When Can You Buy It On Steam?


Cube World is coming. It still feels weird to type that after the game being in limbo for so long. But it is coming, and it is coming very soon. The game will be arriving on Steam in the not too distant future.

When Is Cube World Releasing On Steam?

Cube World is due to release on Steam on September 30. That’s the full release, available to everyone to purchase and play. It will contain the features listed below, according to the Steam page:

  • Choose between four different classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Rogue.
  • Action-based combat with dodging, aiming, combos, special skills, and more.
  • Explore a nearly infinite, procedurally generated fantasy world.
  • Plan your next adventure with the 3D voxel world map. Scroll and zoom everywhere to find your next destination!
  • Craft weapons, armor, potions, elixirs and food and more from ingredients found throughout the world.
  • Tame pets that fight along your side and can be used as mounts.
  • Non-linear, open-world Solve quests, help residents, fight huge monsters, explore ancient dungeons! It’s all up to you!
  • Discover procedurally generated lore and learn about ancient civilizations and magic artifacts.
  • Retrieve unique magic artifacts to level up and improve your skills.
  • Earn gold to buy items or to book an eagle flight to new lands.
  • Cube World’s unique per-land progression system makes finding loot, solving quests, and clearing dungeons rewarding and exciting over and over again.
  • Use your hang glider to take to the skies or explore the oceans with your boat.
  • Find magic items to enter secret areas and to support you on your journey.
  • Play solo singleplayer or join your friends in coop-online-multiplayer.

There will also be a closed beta that will begin on September 23. That will only be open to people who purchased the Alpha access many years ago. If you have purchased the Alpha access, and want to get your Steam Key, follow the below steps.

  • Log into you Picorama Account.
  • Go to My Games
  • You will see an option to get your Steam key, below the option to download the current alpha.
  • Go to Steam and redeem the code as you for any other game.

And that’s it! As you can see, Cube World is not very far from release at all, which is undoubtedly surprising.