When does Dedenne release to Pokémon Go?

Dedenne has arrived to Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

It has been announced that Dedenne, the Electric and Fairy-type Pokémon, will be arriving to Pokémon Go in November. For those who have been eager to add to their Pikachu-look-a-like collection, Dedenna is likely at the top of your list. While it is not considered in the Pikachu family, it’s a Pokémon that looks like a tiny Raichu but comes with a Fairy-type attached. When does this Pokémon release to the mobile game?

Dedenne will appear in Pokémon Go during the Festival of Lights event. This event will be from November 5 to 14. Dedenne will be available in the wild as a lucky Field Research task encounter, and a one-star raid during this time. The event kicks off in your local area on November 5 at 10 AM, so you’ll need to wait for this time to arrive before you can start searching for Dedenne in these three locations.

Before you use your raid pass on Dedenne, we highly recommend walking around your neighborhood with incense on your avatar. You should be able to locate one walking around in the wild, especially for the duration of the event. If you’re having trouble finding Dedenne or need to complete a raid, using a raid pass on this encounter would be a worthwhile one. Dedenne is a one-star raid, so most players should be able to defeat it by themselves.

Once the Festival of Lights event is over, Dedenne will return to the wild and likely be much more challenging to locate.