When does Doom: Eternal come to the Nintendo Switch?

When can you take Doom: Eternal outside to play?

Image via Bethesda

The new Doom adventure, Doom: Eternal, releases on March 20 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. These platforms will have access to the game immediately when it launches, and players can dive straight into it if they pre-ordered the game and did any pre-loading for it. However, Doom: Eternal will also come to the Nintendo Switch.

The official details and date for Doom: Eternal’s Nintendo Switch release have arrived. We now know that you can play the game on the mobile console starting on December 8. The announcement event comes with a brand new trailer.

It looks like all of the intense action in Doom: Eternal will make it over to the Switch, so if you’ve wanted to cut down demons while you’re on a plane or during your morning commute, you’ll have the chance.

The game listed on Nintendo’s eShop shows off various locations you can expect to encounter through your playthrough. You can pre-order the game from other local retailers, but if you want to purchase it digitally, wait for Doom: Eternal to launch, and you can pick it up from Nintendo’s eShop. It has a 17.5 GB download size, so you can expect it to take up quite a bit of hard drive space.