When does honor reset in World of Warcraft Classic?

Do it for honor and glory, but mostly for honor.

World of Warcraft Classic isn’t going anywhere, thanks to a dedicated gaming community and a continued effort by Blizzard to preserve the feel of WoW’s vanilla release. Ever since the Legion expansion pack, the Honor system in PvP mode has evolved quite a bit, but the system remain intact and untouched by modern patches in WoW Classic.

If you’re wondering when honor resets in WoW Classic, all you need to do is find your time zone’s weekly reset schedule. Unlike Shadowlands and the rest of World of Warcraft’s retail release, Classic typically only stays down during weekly maintenance for about one hour. This typically takes place from 7 AM Eastern to 8 AM Eastern. Occasionally, Blizzard will have unannounced extensions to server maintenance, which could increase the amount of time between Honor resetting.

Keep in mind that your honor adds up every week if you manage to get at least 15 honor kills. During this time, a randomly flexible number of kills will determine whether you are eligible for rankings at the end of the week. This number changes with server population, so you may need to grind out more kills on servers with more people. If you get honorable kills while in the middle of a group or raid, those points will be split, and the amount is determined by how much you contributed toward the kill.