When does Super People leave early access? Answered

Time’s running out.

Image via GeeGee

Super People, the superhero twist on the popular battle royale PUBG, has been in early access since December 7, 2021. However, developer GeeGee used a different term for early access, putting the game in “closed beta test.” This means that unlike other games with early access periods which allow people to purchase the incomplete game well before the release date, people have to ask the developer for access to the game in beta form.

GeeGee already labeled Super People as a free-to-play game in the first place, so there’s no purchase necessary once the game releases on Steam and other platforms. Although, it has not received an official release date as of yet. However, the game’s closed beta test does have an expiration date.

The closed beta test for Super People will run through December 26, 2021. That means time is running out on those who want to give the game a test run. Assuming you’ll be able to do so around Christmas, you’ll need to register for the closed beta test on the game’s official website. You can also go to the Super People Steam page and add the game to your wishlist to increase your chances of getting selected as a tester.

If you participated in Super People’s alpha test in August, you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the beta test. However, you’ll need to have created a GeeGee account through Steam in order to participate.