When does the Brawl Stars May 2020 update release?

A new update means new mechanics and things to do.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars is a mobile game where you jump into a battle arena after choosing one of the many characters to play and fight against AI or other players. There are a variety of different game modes to choose from, and plenty of options for you to consistently play the game, changing up how you approach it based on your preferred gameplay.

A new update is scheduled to come to Brawl Stars in May 2020. Not only does the update feature some balance changes, and new skins, but players can look forward to the release of the Brawl Pass, a new battle pass available for the game with a premium and free track where players can earn several rewards while they play the game.

Right now, the exact release date of the May 2020 update is a bit up on the early. Developers Supercell has announced they plan to release it during the week of the company’s anniversary, which is on May 16, but it will likely happen sooner. Many expect it to drop on May 13 for some parts of the world, and it will probably be May 14 for other parts, based on your timezone. You can expect it closer to the end of the week.

The update features the new battle pass available for everyone for $9.99, or 170 gems. Those who purchase the new battle pass will immediately gain access to the newest brawler, Gale, who is releasing alongside with the new update. There are several new skins for brawlers releasing at the same time, such as Rogue Mortis, Guard Rico, Tropical Sprout, and the Barbarian King Bull skin available to everyone on Supercell’s birthday if you log-in on the same day, which should be May 16.

You can expect the Brawl Pass to change in the future with additional loot, new brawlers, and you will likely need to pay the 170 gem fee each time to receive the premium version for everyone.