When does the Grappling Hook unlock in Horizon Forbidden West?

Traverse the environment a little easier now.

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There are plenty of new tools to play around with in Horizon Forbidden West. One of these new tools is the Pullcaster (also known as the Grappling Hook). Since Horizon Zero Dawn, the team at Guerilla decided it was time to make map exploration a little easier. Here is when the Grappling Hook unlocks and how you can use it in Horizon Forbidden West.

When do you get the Pullcaster?

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Reach for the Stars is the first main quest of the game and the most fitting time for you to get a tutorial on some new gear you will be using throughout the game. After progressing through the mission, you will come across a camp that has been wiped out. Here, Aloy will notice a crumbling wall that can be pulled down. After gathering the necessary supplies, you will craft yourself the Pullcaster at a nearby workbench.

How to use the Pullcaster

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The Pullcaster can be accessed by holding down the L2 button and tapping the triangle button. Once the Pullcaster is out, aim it and press the R2 button to fire it. You can use the Pullcaster to grab barrels, pull on enemies, and swing from objects in the environment. Yes, you can even climb up buildings with it. Now you can traverse the environment a little easier.