When does the Jungle Awakens DLC release for Minecraft Dungeons?

More adventures are on the way.

Jungle Awakens

Image via Microsoft

Minecraft Dungeons arrived in late May. It’s a dungeon-crawling experience where you, or a bunch of friends, can traverse across a variety of story missions and discover even more secret missions available in the game. There are two DLC packs planned for this game, and the first one is called the Jungle Awakens. The Jungle Awakens DLC will be available for Minecraft Dungeons players on July 1. The DLC introduces a brand new Jungle-based region where you have to fight amongst a variety of vines using new weapons, equipping new armor, and you will have access to several new artifacts. There are three new missions available for the DLC set in this region.

Those who purchased the hero version of Minecraft Dungeons will have access to it immediately when it launches and will not have to buy this one, or the next one, which is called Creeping Winter. Given that the next DLC is called Creeping Winter, we can expect that one to release sometime closer to the end of 2020.

Those who did buy the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons will have to pay at it when it releases. There’s no price tag attached to it yet, but it will likely range from $5 to $7. You can expect to see additional updates before the Jungle Awakens drops, such as cross-play, and any bug fixes that have been causing issues in the game.