When does the Path of Exile 2 beta start?

The Path of Exile 2 beta is still far off.

Path of Exile 2

Image via Grinding Gear Games

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Path of Exile players have been longing for a true sequel to their favorite dungeon looter for a while now, and thankfully, developer Grinding Gear Games keeps the channels of communication pretty open. In a recent summary of revealed information, the studio announced a number of important details about Path of Exile 2, including their tentative plans for the release of the beta.

The sequel is a pretty serious undertaking, and Grinding Gear has shown consistently that it would rather spend the time to polish their product to a certain degree of quality, rather than push it out unfinished and deal with it later. Consequently, the soonest players can expect a beta testing period for Path of Exile 2 is in 2022. Until then, support for Path of Exile will remain steady, with new content drops every three months.

Path of Exile 2 details

What we know so far is that Path of Exile 2 will have a seven-part campaign, which will be a narrative continuation of the story of the original game, set 20 years after its events. The gameplay will retain everything Path of Exile players have come to expect, while improving on some key areas, such as the skill gem system.

Path of Exile 2 will run through the same client launcher as the first game, and all microtransaction purchases players have made will carry into the sequel. Essentially, the two games will stand side by side as a continuous experience.