When does Zephyr Deluxe release in Warframe?

Futuristic flight models.

Image via Liger-Inuzuka

Good things come to Tenno who wait, and this is most certainly the case with the Zephyr Deluxe skin. Designed by Liger Inuzuka, who is responsible for some stunning skins in the game, the Zephyr Deluxe skin adds a beautifully futuristic take style for anyone interested in moving on from Zephyr’s more traditional birdlike options.

Unfortunately, the exact release date for the skin is not know at this time, but it will be arriving in the game as part of the Call of the Tempestarii update. Call of the Tempestarii will be launching on all platforms at the same time, and will be coming sometime after the Corpus Railjack arrives in March for PC.

Unfortunately, no solid dates exist at the moment for any of these updates, but this is often the way with Warframe, as Digital Extremes themselves may not want to commit to precise dates until they can guarantee the release of the content.

For newer players who may be wondering what a Deluxe Skin is, they are extremely fancy versions of the Warframes that can be purchased with Platinum in the Market. You will need to own either the base Zephyr Warframe, or the Prime version, to be able to use the skin, as they cannot be used on any other Warframe.

We will be updating this article with further information about the Zephyr Deluxe Warframe as soon as Digital Extremes make it available.