When is ranked coming to Valorant?

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Image via Riot Games

Valorant has officially launched on June 2 and is available to everyone eager to try out the new competitive shooter created by Riot Games. Players had the chance to test it out by gaining access to it through limited beta keys, which had gone out in waves through Twitch streams and e-mails. During its beta run, players had a chance to test out the competitive ranked mode, but with the game’s official release, that mode has gone away and is no longer available.

Valorant will introduce ranked matches on June 24 and is available in the 1.02 build of the game. Those interested in jumping into a ranked match will need to complete at least 20 unranked matches before accessing them. While winning games is the most crucial factor when attempting to rise through the Valorant competitive scene, you also earn points based on your performance and working alongside your teammates.


Riot Games, during an interview with Polygon, also revealed it planned to rename the highest rank in the game. Initially, it was called Valorant, which had been confusing to many players but is now being called Radiant. The development team is working on a new name and will announce it as Riot grows closer to releasing its latest wave of ranked matches. Ranked players can also expect a new system to release in the future where they receive more rewards for playing the game, outside of only having the risk of losing their rank if they play a match. 

Additional rewards and announcements will arrive as Valorant continues its first year on the market. Riot Games is readily listening to the community as a whole, so expect a variety of changes. Nothing is set in stone.