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When is the release date for Arma 4?

Know when the next era for Arma will begin.

Arma 4 will be the next title in the Arma franchise following Arma Reforger. Unlike the last game, this will take the series forward as Arma 3 did instead of giving players more of the same. It’s also the next game that developer Bohemia Interactive is likely to support for as long as Arma 3, which received a decade or so of updates. This guide explains when Arma 4 will release, so you know how long you have to wait.

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When does Arma 4 come out?

Image via Bohemia Interactive

At the time of writing, it’s unknown when Bohemia Interactive plans to release Arma 4. While the developer has explained that the game is in active development, it’s working on Arma Reforger through an early access period before Arma 4 can come out. The only details we have are that the developer hopes Arma Reforger will be in early access for no longer than one year. Most likely the earliest we’ll hear about a release date for Arma 4 is May 2023.

With Arma Reforger, Bohemia Interactive chose to take a different approach and develop the game with the community as they played it. This helps inform some design decisions because issues arise through gameplay as new features are implemented. For example, the night is incredibly dark in Arma Reforger, so that could be something that is altered in the future.

The developer will probably follow the same formula with Arma 4 as Arma Reforger, launching it in early access and developing it over time before releasing it and supporting it as a full title. However, there are often setbacks in development, and anything that happens before Arma Reforger’s full release will impact the timeline for Arma 4. So right now, it’s a case of wait and see for what Bohemia Interactive has to say.

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