When is the release date for Kingdom Hearts IV?

Sora’s adventures in Quadratum can’t come soon enough.

Image via Square Enix/Disney

Kingdom Hearts IV has finally been revealed, and Sora’s adventure into Quadratum seems tense as he dwells in the afterlife. The release date is something many fans want as soon as possible, and here’s what we know so far.

Kingdom Hearts IV currently doesn’t have a release date and is in development with Unreal Engine 5. The only remark of a release date in the trailer was that “Magic [is] in the making.”

More information may drop about the game’s expected release timing when a recap video of the 20th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts event releases or when Famitsu publishes its full interview with director Tetsuya Nomura on April 28.

What we do know is that Kingdom Hearts IV is in a stage of early development to the point that even Sora’s outfit from the trailer is subject to change. The worlds that will be featured in the game are currently being selected at Square Enix. That’s how early we are right now. The reason for such an early reveal was due to a fear of the information getting leaked.

Something else to consider was how Kingdom Hearts 3 was released in Western territories in the same week as Japan. This wasn’t the case with previous titles. Despite the game leaking a month early from its intended launch, Square Enix will likely have a worldwide release for Kingdom Hearts IV.

Finally, we know not to expect Kingdom Hearts IV news around the E3 timeframe (June 2022) and instead expect some information to come out way past the summer.

D23, Disney’s popular bi-yearly convention for its fans, has a history of showing new footage of Kingdom Hearts games at the event. The second Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was showcased at D23 in 2013. That will begin on September 9 and will run until September 11. It could also appear at the Tokyo Games Show on September 15 to 18.