When is the release date of Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The pawn system lives again.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Screenshot via Dragon’s Dogma YouTube

On June 16, Capcom held a livestream to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma. While this event mostly discussed the game’s legacy and how its inception came to pass, there was one major reveal at the end of the livestream — Dragon’s Dogma 2 is real and it’s in development.

If you’ve been waiting years for this moment as many fans have, when can you expect to play Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date

As of the time of writing, a Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date has not been unveiled. Platform targets have not been revealed either. With that said, it is likely to be a multiplatform project, releasing across PC and modern Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Our guide will be updated as we learn more specific information.

We do know, however, that it is being developed on the RE engine, which debuted with Resident Evil 7 in 2017. This engine has since gone on to power Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, and Monster Hunter Rise, Street Fighter 6 is also utilizing the RE engine.

More about Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is an action RPG with a medieval fantasy setting. A large portion of its combat centers around stamina management, which is a stat grappling hinges upon. It distances itself from many other titles in the genre by allowing players to directly latch onto both small and large creatures, before wailing away at them.

However, the pawn system is probably the first thing many people think of when Dragon’s Dogma is brought up. They are AI-controlled teammates, which can be summoned through a user-generated portal or created by the player. Pawns can relay information about challenges and warnings regarding the open world drawing on what that pawn would have encountered in another player’s game.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is essentially a definitive version of Dragon’s Dogma, introducing quality of life features such as fast travel, enhanced customization options, and new content.