When is the release date of Kirby’s Dream Buffet? Answered

Stuff yourself soon.

Image via Nintendo

Kirby has had a lot of different experiences over the years. He’s sucked up enemies to steal their powers, raced on the back of Warp Stars, and even rolled around in the shape of a pinball. Soon enough, he’ll be rolling through a new game called Kirby’s Dream Buffet as well. Here’s when you can expect to play it.

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What is the Kirby’s Dream Buffet release date?

It was only about a month ago that Kirby’s Dream Buffet was even announced, but we already know when it’s coming. As revealed in the new overview trailer, the game will be available digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Wednesday, August 17. There won’t be a physical edition of the game to pick up.

Will Kirby’s Dream Buffet be free to play?

The new Kirby game is not a free-to-play experience. Kirby’s Dream Buffet cost you $14.99 USD / £13.49, and preorders are open now. As is the case with most Switch games, you’ll be able to preload the game after purchasing, then jump right in on launch day.

What kind of game is Kirby’s Dream Buffet?

The experience here is quite different from previous Kirby games. It’s a four-player obstacle course game along the lines of Fall Guys, starring what Nintendo calls “rounder-than-usual” Kirbies. Players will compete in races across four cake-themed stages, with minigames in between each race. The final round is a battle royale in which you try to bump each other off the stage. In classic Kirby fashion, you can get power-ups by munching on various foods as you roll by. For example, Burning Peppers give you a turbo boost, and Tornado Frosting turns you into a tornado yourself.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet can be played against others online, but you can also compete locally using a single Switch and multiple Joy-Cons. You can also customize your personal “rounder” Kirby using different colors and hats.