When to use the Temessence Phial in Temtem

The Temessence Phial is a very useful tool, but there are a few specific times it’s best to use it. Here’s when.

One of the most useful items in Temtem is the Temessence Phial, but it can seem a little intimidating to use. Here are two ways to use it that take advantage of its effects.

How does the Temessence Phial work?

Every time you heal your team at a Temporium, you also fill your Temessence Phial with one dose of ‘Temessence.’ This can be used to fully heal your entire team the same way a Temporium would heal them. Once it is used, the phial will be empty, and you cannot use it until you fill it again at a Temporium.

When is the best time to use it?

A common mistake that new players make is if their favorite or main Temtem gets knocked out, they’ll use the phial right away. But this is a waste of its overall potential. There are two main times that would be best to use the phial depending on the urgency and your strategy.

1. All Temtem are very low on health

One of the best times to use your Temessence Phial is when your team members are all low on health, and if they aren’t healed up, they’ll get knocked out. While you could use a bunch of balms, chances are you may want to save those, since they aren’t refillable. Using the Temessence Phial at this time won’t stretch out the length of how much you can endure as the other option, but it will ensure that none of your Temtem will get knocked out of the fight. This strategy is helpful if you often switch between your Temtem and would like to keep all of your tamed Temtem around the same level.

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2. Four or five Temtem are knocked out

The other best time to use it is when there seems to be no other option. If you are the type of tamer who will use a Temtem until it’s knocked out, and then move on without a worry of even training for experience, you may want to save the Temessence Phial for when your team is down to only one or two Temtem. This is also the method that will give you the most distance for your heal. If you are on a long journey between Temporiums and think you may not make it, this is the method for you.