When will Big Team Battle (BTB) be fixed in Halo Infinite?

Big Team Battle is encountering some team-related problems.

Screenshot via Xbox/YouTube

Several players in the Halo Infinite community have shared poor experiences in Big Team Battle, the larger game mode in the online multiplayer of the game pitting two teams of 12 players against one another. While solo players have not experienced this issue, it primarily happens with anyone in a party. Here’s what we know about when Big Team Battle will be fixed in Halo Infinite and what you can do in the meantime.

We can say that there is no exact date for when 343 Industries will be able to patch a proper fix for the Big Team Battle error that has been happening. Although, there are a few ways you can try to work around it.

The best suggestion they have to prevent the issue from happening, if it has been happening to you for several rounds, is to drop the party and restart your Halo Infinite application. You need to make sure you close down the entire application, especially if you’re playing it on an Xbox console with the quick resume future. After the game has been shut down for several seconds, boot it back up, regroup your party, and try again. It’s a perfect fix, and it can happen again, but it may provide you with a small amount of relief.

Another alternative is to ensure you’re playing this game mode by yourself. Solo players have the slightest chance of it happening to them.

The Big Team Battle error was formally addressed by the support team on December 17, 2021, and the problem continues to persist into 2022. However, you can make sure to remain updated on the situation through the BTB forum post created by 343 Industries on their Halo Waypoint website.