When will Lucent Nargacuga be available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? Answered

This Nargacuga does not use shadows, instead hiding in plain sight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Lucent Nargacuga will release in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. However, it will not be available to hunt when the expansion launches. Instead, it will arrive a little over a month from Sunbreak’s official launch, which will give fans eager to challenge a Lucent Nargacuga with their Master Rank gear plenty of time to work on their equipment before fighting it. This guide covers when Lucent Nargacug will release in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

When is Lucent Nargacuga coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

It has been confirmed that Nargacuga will be in the first update to Sunbreak. This update will come out sometime in August, but the Monster Hunter team has not shared the exact release time.

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We expect to hear more details closer to the end of July after more players have made their way through the Sunbreak campaign.

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Lucent Nargacuga will be a difficult hunt to overcome. It’s a Nargacuga capable of completely cloaking itself, similar to Chameleos, except far more effectively. If you couple that skill with the fact it can become invisible, and it has the aggressive nature of a standard Nargacuga, along with its claws capable of producing poison for a damage over time effect in battle, it’s a potent adversary. In addition, we imagine it will be available during the nighttime, as the Lucent Nargacuga prefers to use the cover of night or foggy weather to hunt.

When this creature releases, we highly advise taking a handful of worthy hunters with you to take it down. Hopefully, the weapons and armor you can craft from this weapon make it a worthwhile hunt, especially at Master Rank.