When will the hard zone arrive in Last Oasis?

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Last Oasis

Image via Donkey Crew

If you have been playing through Last Oasis, you will have spent some time gathering resources, building some Walkers, and fighting other players or the monkey-like Rupus that populate the servers.

The game consists of zones, starting with easy, then medium, and finally hard, where rare resources, valuables items, and difficult to fight creatures can be found. If you have made your way through the first two zones, building up your supplies and skills as you go, you might be wondering what the next challenge is.

Hard zones are not currently active in the game, but it is our understanding that they are due to be added soon. We don’t have an exact date, beyond developers Donkey Crew mentioning that these would be added after the launch week server instability issues had been resolved.

While there are rumors doing the rounds, we also don’t want to mention any of them here, as unless it is an official message from the developers it wouldn’t seem right to mislead players potentially, and it can be very difficult to separate rumors with substance from simple internet chatter.

The hard zones will allow players to gather up rare resources, find things like Black Soil, and take on some pretty scary and impressive monsters, so anticipation for them is understandably high.

Hopefully, the developers will be able to update the community on hard zones soon, and we will update this article as soon as we learn anything about when they will be added to the game.