Where are the Sector 5 reactor keycards in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Don’t miss an opportunity to weaken the Air Buster.

The Air Buster was a formidable foe in the original release of Final Fantasy VII and has made a return in Final Fantasy VII Remake. This time around, you’ll have the opportunity to reduce its effectiveness, or outright disable certain abilities, before you even come face to face with him.

As you mosey on up to the Air Buster, you might come across Sector 5 reactor keycards. By inserting them into the nearby terminals, you can pick and choose which components will be dropped from the Air Buster’s loadout. There’s six in total, and each one can make taking on the Air Buster that much easier—especially the BBs. However, if you gun it for the boss, you can easily miss these.

Sector 5 reactor keycard #1

As soon as you enter the first lab, you’ll find the Sector 5 reactor keycard on your left, sitting atop a box. Get close enough, and Tifa will point it out to you. There’s a terminal on your right you can use the keycard with.

Sector 5 reactor keycard #2

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In the next lab, B7, there’s another keycard on a box to your right as you walk in, conveniently located near a terminal.

Sector 5 reactor keycards #3

You can easily speed past this keycard if you’re in a rush. As you leave B7 and head up the ramp, stop at the first landing. In the far-right corner, the Sector 5 reactor keycard is on the ground, obscured by a few traffic cones.

Sector 5 reactor keycards #4

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In the next room, B6, you’ll find the next keycard to your left as you come into the lab. There are a few boxes that hide it from view, so go around them to find it.

Sector 5 reactor keycards #5 and #6

Two cards can be found in B5. As you come into the lab, immediately turn to your right. There’s one keycard hiding in the corner. On the left side of the room, you’ll find the final keycard on a desk.

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Once you have all six Sector 5 reactor keycards, you can take them to any nearby terminal. However, each terminal only accepts one card. If there’s a particular combat system you want to disable completely, nothing is stopping you from visiting terminals you passed on your way through.