Where are the Three Fingers in Elden Ring? Answered

Become the Lord of Frenzied Flame.

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The Three Fingers are a sight to behold. This “NPC” has no dialogue, yet it can alter the game’s ending. Interacting with the Three Fingers sets you on the path of the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. This can be undone by obtaining Miquella’s Needle. Interacting with the Three Fingers also leaves your character scared with massive burn marks and piercing yellow eyes. With all this talk about the Three Fingers, the question still remains; where are they located? Here is where you can find the Three Fingers in Elden Ring.

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To reach the Three Fingers, you will need to get into the sewers beneath Leyndell, Capital City. Once you get into the city, make your way to the giant dragon statue’s wing. Instead of climbing up it, go to the area below the statue and look for the well with the ladder connected to it. Go down the well and follow the path to the Site of Grace.

Traverse the sewers until you find the Forsaken Depths Site of Grace. Next up, you will need to fight Mohg, the Omen. Once he is defeated, you will need to attack the altar that he was standing in front of. This will make it move out of the way and reveal a hidden pathway. Follow the pathway down until you reach a thin wooden beam. Instead of walking down, you will need to drop from the beam to the others below it. Once you are done with the beams, locate the nearest coffin sticking out of the wall and start using them to get down.

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Once you reach the bottom, the ground will cave out from under you, and you will drop to a new area below. In front of you will be a red and black door with the message that only the wretched can open it. To open the door, remove all of your armor. When you walk up to the door again, you will get the prompt to open it. You will then get a cutscene where your character gets grabbed by the Three Fingers.