Where to find all retro levels in Streets of Rage 4

A blast from the past.

How to unlock all retro levels in Streets of Rage 4

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Streets of Rage 4 is keen to tug on your nostalgia. The latest entry in the series — coming 26 years after Streets of Rage 3 — is all about nods to its past, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of secrets for you to uncover as you play.

You can unlock playable characters by hitting certain milestones in Streets of Rage 4, but that’s not all. Secret retro levels are waiting to be discovered, too, if you’re the type to search every nook and cranny.

If you’re wondering where you can find these retro levels, you’re in luck. Read on to see where you can find every retro mission in Streets of Rage 4.

How to access Streets of Rage 4 retro levels

How to unlock all retro levels in Streets of Rage 4
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Before you go charging off into Wood Oak City to try and locate them, you’ll have to know what to look out for.

There are two items you need to enter a retro level. The first is the “Bare Knuckles” arcade cabinet, which can be found on specific levels. The second is the taser weapon, and these can usually be found near to the arcade stores. Ensure you don’t use tasers on enemies as they have a limited amount of use. If yours runs out and disappears, you can’t access the retro level.

Clear the area of enemies first. Pick up the taser and use it to break the arcade machine. The screen should go blurry, and you’ll be transported to one of these secret levels.

Streets of Rage 4 retro levels full list

How to unlock all retro levels in Streets of Rage 4
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There are four secret retro levels to discover in Streets of Rage 4. You’ll see what level they’re located on below, as well as directions over how to find them. We won’t spoil who you face in these retro levels, so you’ll get a nice surprise when you enter them.

Retro Level One – Police Precinct (Stage Two)

This is found in the area where you fight a burly police officer, inside the jail section of the precinct, who handily has a taser. Defeat them, and beat up the goons who are released from their holding cells. Remember, don’t use the taser on them, or you can’t access the retro level.

Once they’re dealt with, head right. You’ll see a small room at the top of the screen with an arcade machine in it. Go back and grab the taser — if you didn’t already — and use it on the machine.

Retro Level Two – Old Pier (Stage Four)

The second retro level is found on an arcade cabinet inside an arcade store. This is located on the pier, so make sure you visit it before you jump off the pier to continue this mission.

Again, defeat the enemies on the pier first and then grab a taser that they’ve dropped. Head inside the arcade store to activate the next secret level.

Retro Level Three – Underground (Stage Five)

This unmissable one is located in the Bar of the Rising Sun. It’s infested with biker thugs, so, as always, take these out first.

There are two things to watch out for here, though. The first is that goons — particularly those with knives — can rush towards the arcade cabinet and break it. This will stop you from accessing it. Make sure you take out any of these enemies first and grab the knife yourself, to stop others picking it up and breaking the machine.

The second thing is the location of the taser. It’s found under a table that a biker, wearing a helmet, smashes at the start of the battle. It might move around if goons pick it up during the fight, so ensure it isn’t depleted by knocking it out of their hands.

Retro Level Four – Art Gallery (Stage Eight)

This machine is another one you can’t miss. Before the boss battle, you’ll be in a room with golden chicken meals and a ton of boxes. The arcade cabinet is next to these.

You might wonder where the taser is found as there’s no enemy to steal it off. Look down from the cabinet at the piles of wood, and you might notice the end of the taser sticking out. Grab it and bust open the cabinet to unlock the final retro level.