Where to find Coach Stilley’s credentials in The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon

Boarding party.

The Outer Worlds

Image via Obsidian

As you make your way through the solar system in The Outer Worlds’ Peril on Gorgon DLC, you will work to unravel a vast conspiracy. A corporation has gone mad, and a shadowy figure is trying to stop you from finding out the truth. One of the first real attempts from that figure to put an end to your meddling is when they send another ship after you. They attempt to board you, and you can cut them off at the pass by boarding them first. When you get on the ship you will find some bodies from their failed attempts to break the Unreliable, and a locked door that tells you that you need Coach Stilley’s credentials to get it open.

To get the credentials, make your way through the door marked Galley, and murder everyone you find in there. These guys were trying to get on your ship and kill you, so turnabout is fair play. Take them all out, then check the bodies for a Galley pass. When you find it, open the locked door on the right of the galley and climb up the ladder.

Here you will find some more wannabe space-pirates, so give them the old heave-ho. Check the room fully for any loot, then make your way to a door marked Coach’s Quarters which is up some steps at the rear of the room. Inside you will find Stilley. You have the chance to reason with him, if you have a huge amount of points invested in Persuasion. If not, it is time for some murder and an end to the Coach’s championship aspirations. Search his body and grab the credentials. There is also a safe in here that you will need a Lockpit score of 90 to get through, so crack it if you can. Head back to the first room, and head for the door marked cockpit.

Before you open it, look at the wall to the left of the door marked Cargo Hold and you will find a fantastic sword. Now, open the door, grab the loot inside, and interact with the console to disable the tracking device they used to find you. You can now safely head back to your ship.