Where to Find the Collectibles in Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 “Wolves”


Like all the other episodes in the season, the finale of Life is Strange 2 has six collectibles hidden throughout it to find. If you missed any in your first playthrough, you could go back in using Collectible Mode after you’ve finished the episode so you can find the remaining collectibles without affecting the choices in your save file.

To access Collectible Mode, select “Play Episode” from the main menu and select the episode you want, in this case, “Episode 5: Wolves.” Note you will only be able to play in Collectible Mode after you’ve played through the episode first. When selecting which scene in the episode to play through, make sure you pick the scene with the button corresponding to “Play in Collectible Mode” to avoid rewriting your save file by playing in Standard Mode.

When selecting which scene in the episode to replay, each stage will have a fraction underneath it, telling you how many collectibles are in that scene and how many you already have. In this guide, we’ll break down each scene and tell you how to find each of the collectibles in them.

New Dawn

There is only one collectible to find in this first scene. After you’ve packed up your camping site, start heading down the canyon. The path is mostly linear but eventually splits off into two ways. The road on the left stays at the same altitude, while the way on the right continues downward. Take the path on the left. Once you reach the end, look off in the distance to a shiny object. Press the button to look at it, and then you’ll be given the option to ask Daniel to use his powers to bring it over.

Sand People

There are two collectibles in this scene, one being very easy and straightforward and the other requiring much more effort. The easier one is the episode’s third collectible in your inventory. Outside of Karen’s RV, you’ll see several small gardens. On top of a garden post, you’ll be able to look at a pile of stickers. Look at the pile, then take one of them.

Now let’s go back to the second collectible. This collectible is the most complicated to find in the whole game. First, you want Daniel to ask Sean to participate in a scavenger hunt. For this to occur, Daniel has to be on top of the tower with a chair on top near Joan’s RV. To get Daniel up there, you first have to interact with him and Joan behind Joan’s RV, where Joan asks Sean for help with one of her metal sculptures. You can either help with the statue or not—if you don’t, Daniel will help her on his own anyway. After finishing the sculpture, Daniel will wander around and eventually climb the tower and sit in the chair.

Once Daniel is in the chair on the tower, wander around for a bit. Return the telescope to Stanley and Arthur if you haven’t already. Eventually, Daniel will call up Sean on his walky-talky and ask Sean to look for clues leading to a treasure that he hid. You’ll receive the option to accept or decline, but you’ll want to accept. Daniel gives you the first clue.

After receiving Daniel’s not-super-helpful clue, he starts telling you if you’re getting closer or farther from the clue as you walk around. The first clue is under a small pile of rocks on the ground that you can find under the tower near Stanley and Arthur’s house. If you’re facing the house, turn left and walk toward the tower. When you’re close enough, Daniel will start telling you that you’re right there. Look around on the ground for the pile of rocks and retrieve the clue from it.

Next, Daniel will give you another clue, this time leading you to the solar panels. Head to the solar panels, which are in between Karen’s RV and David’s trailer. On the backside of one of the solar panels, you’ll find the next clue. When Sean puts the two clues together, it reveals a map telling you where the treasure is.

The map shows you that the treasure is by the pile of cars near Joan’s RV. There is one red car in particular that you can interact with by looking at it. Underneath this car is the treasure.

Fire Flies

There are no collectibles in this scene.


There are two collectibles in this scene. If you missed the stickers in Karen’s garden in the Sand People scene, you’d have the opportunity to grab one of the stickers in this scene instead.

As for the other collectible in this scene, you’ll want to go to David’s trailer and retrieve his police radio. After you’ve done so and you finish talking with him outside his trailer, head to the back of his trailer, near the antenna. Look on the ground, and you’ll find a pile of junk next to some red propane tanks. Look at this pile of garbage, and you should find the bottle opener.

Last Miles

This is a purely cinematic scene and doesn’t have any collectibles to find.

The Wall

There is only one collectible in this chapter, and it can be a bit tricky to find. Head down the track toward the wall, but look toward your right as you walk. You’ll notice several large, flat stones on the ground. Shortly before you reach the wall, one of these large stones, in particular, will have some supplies by it. Go up to the supplies and look at the small stone on top of them. After looking at the little stone, you can take it.


The last collectible of the game is in this scene. After Daniel breaks Sean out of the interrogation room, walk past the cells. In the next room, deal with the guards. After, Daniel will notice Sean’s backpack in a closet area. Have Daniel break open the door, and Sean will collect his stuff.

Before you leave the small room, look around at the other items in there, and examine the vigilante’s backpack. After looking at it, you’ll receive the option to take the flag pin on it. This is the last collectible.