Where is Lady Shrike in Hard West 2?

Get the upper hand on the deadly lady.

Image via Good Shepherd Entertainment

Hard West 2 is full of characters to interact with and side quests to take on with your posse of magic-infused cowpokes. You’re usually provided with bright, green waypoints leading you to your next objective, but a few side quests seem a bit more hidden when you first get them. The bounty hunt for Lady Shrike can first be picked up at the start of Chapter 2 in Black Salt Lake, but there’s nothing showing you which way to go.

How to find Lady Shrike’s location in Hard West 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lady Shrike is impossible to find when you first pick up her side quest because she’s a part of the main quest. As part of your objectives in Chapter 2, you’ll need to deal with one of Gin Carter’s old friends, Hartman, so that he’ll give you his cannon. As part of this, you’ll be sent to capture the Copper Vultures Gang, which is another hidden side quest you’ll pick up in Salt Lake.

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After wrapping up that portion of the quest, Hartman will send you to St. Jude’s Parish, where Lady Shrike is waiting for you. Unlike the Copper Vultures Gang, Shrike has several magic users backing her up in the form of Shadow Dancers. That makes her fight a bit tougher but still manageable as long as you play things slow. Keeping your characters together is key because you can more easily take out enemies in a single turn, not allowing them to use their transfusion ability and steal your health.

This side quest doesn’t seem to have quite as big of a payout as the Vultures, but you’ll have to do it regardless, so you might as well try for everything. Lady Shrike’s side objectives aren’t too tough to finish. Just be patient when possible, and don’t be afraid to reload a save or three.