Where is the Island Lake garage in SnowRunner?

There is no AAA in SnowRunner


The life of a driver is not an easy one in SnowRunner. The off-road simulator involves driving awkward vehicles through awkward terrain, trying to finish up the kind of jobs that somebody has to do. It’s not easy, and your vehicles will get damaged, need fuel, and you might even need to switch to new ones to take on specific challenges.

This is where a garage will come in handy. One area that is proving to be very difficult for people to conquer is Island Lake, with many people struggling to find the garage there. The reason for this is simple; there is no garage in the area. Island Lake can be seen as a challenging area of the game, with lots of debate about whether the lack of a garage is unfair. Making it through this region takes skill, planning, and a fair share of luck.

To really make matters worse, there isn’t even a fuel station in the area. The good news is that you can find some fuel trailers scattered around the map to help you out. The real trick seems to be planning, with the common consensus from players being to bring extra trucks with you.

It is an area of the game that people either love or hate, with some people being very happy to be forced to plan, and others wishing there were more forgiving elements to the Island Lake area.