Where is the key in Chapter 12 of Triangle Strategy?

Don’t be fooled by red herrings.

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Chapter 12 is a pivotal moment in Triangle Strategy’s story. Your first goal at the start of this chapter will be to locate a key hidden somewhere within the Rosellan Village. Without this key, Serenoa won’t be able to save House Wolffort. There are actually three possible keys to find throughout the village. However, only one of these keys is real.

Presenting the wrong option when prompted will result in a Game Over. Depending on when your last save was, this can result in losing all the items you gathered during the Exploration Phase and set your progress back a bit. So where’s the real key in Chapter 12 of Triangle Strategy? Right under your nose.

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After learning about the key, Serenoa will start the Exploration Phase outside of the elder’s home. Turn around and enter it again to speak with the elder. He’ll immediately get dodgy and insist that he knows nothing of the key and that there isn’t anything important in his home. Looking around will prove him right, as there’s no key in sight. Walk back out and speak to Benedict.

Benedict will voice his suspicions of the elder’s claim and express interest in checking out his home. There’s no way that the elder will allow this to happen, so speak to Frederica next. She’s also interested in seeing if the elder is hiding anything and will agree to distract him so Serenoa can sneak inside. Once you renter, you’ll notice the area where the elder sat is sparkling. Interact with it and Serenoa will learn of the Pink Rock — the true key of the village. End the Exploration Phase and present this option when prompted in order to advance the chapter.