Where is the volcano in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific?

A very hot place to drop.

Image via Activision

Possibly the most sought after location in all of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map is the towering volcano that was previously teased numerous times before launch. Although you won’t spot this landmark just by checking the game’s map, it is undoubtedly the highest point in the battle royale. Better yet, it is home to an unfathomable amount of loot boxes and rare weapons.

Despite it not actually being named “Volcano,” squads can discover the land mass and its offerings by dropping into Caldera’s Peak location. It can frustrating to hike your way up if you landed elsewhere, but there are air trolleys you can ride that travel back and forth between Peak and Beachhead.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once at its highest point, you can go inside of it by diving into the small hole in the center (as shown above). The loot found inside won’t likely be all that enticing, but there a number of loot boxes at its underground exits. That being said, the majority of the volcano’s best loot is in the long three-story building that sits atop the peak. Here, you and squad should see at least 20 loot boxes, with half of them being legendary orange supply crates.

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